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Model:GC-T1903   Simplified button attaching machine
Product parameters
Product Detail Special features:
1.Unique adjusting platform for align buttons
     Compared with other similar products on the market,they all need manual move the whole machines to adjusting and align the button stitch machine with different size of buttons position.And today we use this unique adjusting platform,only need rotating two screw ,easily adjusting and alignment correct position,easy operation,particularly useful,save more time in the program.
  2.Intelligent motor feed system
     Compared with other similar products on the market,normally they use air cylinder to feeding the buttons,after long times working ,air cylinder easy fray,then incorrect feeding buttons,short life using,unstably etc.We adopt intelligent motor feeding system,feeding buttons hundred percent of accurately and correctly.feeding way softly,no noise,long life using.  
3.Pressing buttons system
     Compared with similar products on the market,they use single-track press buttons by air pressure,unstably pressing button system. We adopt intelligent stepping motor system,both way press buttons to make the system more stably.
4.Thickness measurement system   
   We adopt automaticly system ,if different size of buttons,just press one button and put one buttons into the thickness measurement plate easily with convenient. About the market similar products,they operate this system manually,waste time and inconvenient operation,to be somewhat strenuous.
  5.Electronic control system
     Compared with other similar products on the market,they use ARM system.low running speed of processor,high failure rate,the connection lines and the connection modes in system board are very complicated.We adopt newly developed PCL integration system,high effective running speed of processor,failure rate is very low,easy reparing about after sales service.  
6.Intelligent fault self checking system
     More than 7different fault self checking system,once fault happening,fault and solution show on the LCD touch screen directly.Fast maintenance and save time for the engineer.At present no products had this special function.
  7.needle protection system
     Our engineer develop needle protection system for button sewing machine,once the needle broken,button sewing machine and button feeder will stop working automaticly.
Model Voltage(V) Power(W) Button Sewing Speed(pcs/8h) Button Feeding Speed(pcs/8h) stability(%) Diamm(mm) Pressure(Mpa) Packing Size(cm) Weight(kg)
GC-T1903 110/220 260 13000-15000 25000-28000 99.7 9-24 0.3-0.35 60.5×57.5×52 52
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