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Model:GC-Q3-94C   Multi Needle Chainstitch Computerized Quilting Machine
Product parameters

Main Specifications:

Model Needlebar Needle NO. Interal Quilting width


94 1″ 94″
GC-Q2-94C 2 94 1″ 118″

1.Quilting max speed is 1200 RPM, stitches between 2mm~6mm adjustable. 
2.By using cone-type instead of shuttle-type in bottom yarn. It is capable of working continuousely.
3.Max quilting thickness of foam can reach 60mm, can do various patterns.
4.By color monitor shows information on current job graphically(e.g. patterns, stitch length etc.)
5.3600 quilting, independent of pattern (single independent, double independent).
6.Function of automatic stop on breaking of thread (optional). 
7.Needle auto-lifting, auto-stop when thread-breakage, If shut off electricity, program would be kept in the computer.

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